IBM LENOVO F41A LA-3571P Schematic Circuit Diagram

 IBM LENOVO F41A LA-3571P Schematic Circuit Diagram

IBM LENOVO F41A LA-3571P Schematic Circuit Diagram

Computer History Timeline

In the previews post, we know about computer history and timeline about to 1937. In this post, we will know the 1943 to 1956 years of computer history overview and the honorable man who worked very hard to invent the new modern computer.

1943 The Thomas Tommy Flowers has developed the Colossus, a secret British code-breaking laptop computer designed to decipher serial printer messages encrypted by the German army.

1945 John Von Neumann writes that “First Draft of a Report on the EDVAC,” at an interval that he outlines the look of the good looking
stored-program laptop computer.

1946 ENIAC is introduced as, an Associate in Nursing electronic data processor designed by John Mauchly and J. Presper Eckert.

1947 On New Style calendar month twenty 3, physicist, director Brattain and John Bardeen successfully take a glance at the point-contact semiconductor unit, setting off
the semiconductor revolution.

1949 Maurice Wilkes assembles the EDSAC, the first smart
stored-program laptop computer, at Cambridge.

1950 Engineering analysis Associates of municipality builds the
ERA 1101, one of the first commercially created computers.

1952 The UNIVAC I delivered to the U.S. administrative body is the first industrial laptop computer to attract widespread public attention.

1953 IBM ships its first pc, the 701.

1954 A silicon-based conductor, fashioned by Gordon Teal of American state Instruments, Inc brings a fantastic reduction in costs.

1954 The IBM 650 was a magnetic drum calculator are established itself as the first bought a laptop computer, with the company commerce 450 in one year.

1955 Bell Laboratories announces the first whole equipped computer, TRADIC.

1956 The MIT researchers are building the TX-0, the first general, programmable laptop computer designed with transistors.

1956 the time of storage device storage dawns with IBM’s freight of a 305 RAMAC to Zellerbach Paper in San Francisco.

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