IBM ThinkPad A31 Notebook Schematic Circuit Diagram

 IBM ThinkPad A31 Notebook Schematic Circuit Diagram

IBM ThinkPad A31 Notebook Schematic Circuit Diagram

Computer Invention Timeline

The 1972 Year: Intel’s 8008 chip makes its debut.

The1973 Year: Robert Metcalfe devises the LAN technique of network connection at the Xerox town research facility. The Micral is the earliest business, non-kit personal computer supported a chip, the Intel 8008. The TV serial printer, designed by Don Lancaster, provides the first show of alphanumerical info on a standard television set.

The 1974 Year: Researchers at the Xerox town research facility style the Alto, the primary digital computer with an intrinsical mouse for input. Shelbi advertises its 8H laptop, the primary commercially advertised U.S. laptop supported a chip, Intel’s 8008.

The 1975 Year: Telenet, the primary business packet-switching network and the civilian equivalent of ARPAnet, is born.

The 1975 Year: The January edition of fashionable natural philosophy options the Altair 8800, which is predicated on Intel’s 8080 chip, on its cowl. 

The 1976 Year: Steve Wozniak styles the Apple I, a single-board laptop. The five 1/4-inch diskette drive is introduced by Shugart Associates.

The 1977 Year: Tandy RadioShack introduces the TRS-80. Apple laptop introduces the Apple II. Commissioned naval officer introduces the PET (Personal Electronic Transactor).

The 1979 Year: Motorola introduces the 68000 chip.

The 1980 Year: Seagate Technology creates the primary magnetic disk drive for microcomputers, the ST-506.

The 1981 Year: Xerox introduces the Star, the primary notebook computer with a graphical interface (GUI).

The 1981 Year: Adam John Osborne completes the primary microcomputer, the Osborne I, that weighs twenty-four pounds and prices $1,795.

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