IBM ThinkPad R31 Schematic Circuit Diagram

IBM ThinkPad R31 Schematic Circuit Diagram 

IBM ThinkPad R31 Schematic Circuit Diagram

Computer Invention Timeline History Continuing

I know you have don't need to know about computer history to fix your motherboard or computer with Schematic Circuit Diagram. But, I am sharing this information with an interested person. Because the human brain is always curious to know new things. 

The 1989 Year: Intel releases the 486 (P4) chip, which contains more than one thousand thousand transistors. Intel additionally introduces 486 motherboard chipsets.

The 1990 Year: the planet Wide Internet (WWW) is born once Tim Berners-Lee, a man of science at CERN—the high-energy laboratory in Geneva—develops machine-readable text nomenclature (HTML).

The 1992 Year: Intel introduces the Peripheral part Interconnect (PCI) bus, which replaced ISA, EISA, and VL-Bus slots and runs at four times the speed of ISA.

The 1993 Year: Intel releases the Pentium (P5) processor. Intel shifts from numbers to names for its chips when the corporate learns it’s impossible to trademark variety. Intel additionally releases motherboard chipsets and, for the primary time, complete motherboards.

The 1995 Year: Intel releases the Pentium professional processor, the primary within the P6 processor family. Microsoft releases Windows 95 in a very large rollout. Intel introduces the ATX motherboard kind issue, which continues to the present day to be the idea for pretty much all desktop computers.

The 1996 Year: The USB Implementers’ Forum (USB-IF) introduces the Universal Serial Bus commonplace revision one.0. USB would eventually replace serial, parallel, and most alternative I/O ports used on computers.

The 1997 Year: Intel releases the Pentium II processor, basically a Pentium Pro with MMX directions additional. AMD introduces the K6, which is compatible with the Intel P5 (Pentium).

The 1998 Year: Microsoft releases Windows 98t. Intel releases the Celeron, a low-priced version of the Pentium II processor. Initial versions haven't any cache, however, inside many months Intel introduces versions with a smaller but quicker L2 cache.

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