Lenovo F50 IGL50-0731 Compal LA-3371P Schematic Circuit Diagram

 Lenovo F50 IGL50-0731 Compal LA-3371P Schematic Circuit Diagram

Lenovo F50 IGL50-0731 Compal LA-3371P Schematic Circuit Diagram

Computer Invention Timeline History Continuing

The 2003 Year: Intel releases the Pentium M, The processor designed specifically for mobile systems, providing extraordinarily low power consumption that ends up in dramatically enhanced battery life while still offering comparatively high performance. 2003 AMD releases the Athlon 64, the primary x86-64 (64-bit) processor for PCs, that conjointly includes integrated memory controllers. The IEEE formally approves that 802.11g 54Mbps high-speed wireless networking is commonplace.

The 2004 Year: Intel introduces a version of the Pentium four codenamed Prescott, the primary computer processor engineered on 90-nanometer technology. Intel introduces EM64T (Extended Memory 64 Technology), which may be a 64-bit extension to Intel’s IA-32 design primarily based on (and just about identical to) the x86-64 (AMD64) technology first discharged by AMD.

The 2005 Year: Microsoft releases Windows XP x64 Edition, which supports processors with 64-bit AMD64 and EM64T extensions. The time of multicore computer processors begins as Intel introduces the Pentium Extreme Edition 8xx dual-core and Pentium D 8xx processors. AMD before long follows with the dual-core Athlon 64 X2.

The 2006 Year: Apple introduces the primary Macintosh systems supported computer architecture, stating they're fourfold quicker than previous non– PC-based Macs. Intel introduces the Core a pair of Extreme, the primary quad-core processor for PCs. Microsoft releases the long-awaited Windows aspect to business users. The computer OEM and client market releases would follow in early 2007.

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