ACER 4736 KALG0 LA-4493P Motherboard Schematic Circuit Diagram

 ACER 4736 KALG0 LA-4493P Motherboard Schematic Circuit Diagram

ACER 4736 KALG0 LA-4493P Motherboard

The First Microprocessor Invention History

The Z80 was chosen by RadioShack for the TRS-80 Model 1, the company's first personal computer. Many pioneering personal computer systems, like the Osborne and Kaypro computers, used the chip as well. Other manufacturers followed suit, and the Z80 became the industry standard for computers running the CP/M operating system and popular applications of the time.

The 8085, Intel's follow-up to the 8080, was introduced in March 1976. The 8085 had 6,500 transistors and operated at 5MHz. It had an 8-bit data bus and was constructed on a 3-micron technology. Despite the fact that it was released many months before the Z80, it never achieved the same level of popularity in personal computers as the Z80. However, it was used in the IBM System/23 Datamaster, which was the direct predecessor to IBM's first personal computer. The 8085 grew in popularity as an embedded controller, with scales and other computerized equipment using it.

MOS Technologies released the 6502 in 1976, following different design methods. This chip was built by many ex-Motorola engineers who worked on Motorola's original CPU, the 6800. The 6502 was an 8-bit processor similar to the 8080, except it cost roughly $25 instead of $300 when it was first released. Steve Wozniak appealed the pricing and used the chip in his Apple I and Apple II/II+ designs. Commodore and other system manufacturers also utilized the chip in their systems. The 6502 and its successors were utilized in a variety of gaming systems, including the original Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). Motorola went on to develop the 68000 series, which provided the foundation for Apple's first Macintosh computers. The PowerPC chip, which was also manufactured by Motorola and was a successor to the 68000 series, was used in the second-generation Macs. Of course, today's Macs are built on the same PC architecture as PCs, with the same CPUs, chipsets, and other components.

ACER 4736 KALG0 LA-4493P Motherboard Schematic Circuit Diagram

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