Acer Aspire 5739G NoteBook Motherboard Schematic Circuit Diagram

 Acer Aspire 5739G NoteBook Motherboard Schematic Circuit Diagram

Acer Aspire 5739G NoteBook Motherboard

System Components

A modern computer may be both basic and complex. It's simple in the sense that many of the components needed to build a system have become increasingly integrated with other components, resulting in fewer and fewer actual components over time. It's difficult in the sense that each component in a modern system performs many more functions than similar components in earlier systems.

I'll try to cover all of the components and peripherals of a contemporary PC system in this or subsequent postings. Later posts will go through each thing in greater detail. The following is a list of the components and accessories required to build a basic contemporary PC system.

Motherboard: The system's heartbeat. It is, after all, the computer; everything else is tied to it, and it is in control of the overall system.

Processor: Often referred to as the computer's "engine" or "brain." It's the central processing unit, also known as the processor (CPU). A graphics processing unit (GPU) is included in many CPUs.

Memory (RAM): RAM (random access memory) is the system memory. This is the primary working memory, which stores all of the programs and data that the CPU is now utilizing.

Case: The motherboard, power supply, disk drives, adapter cards, and any other physical components in the system are all housed in this frame or case.

Power supply: Provides electrical power to the computer's internal components.

Hard drive/HDD/SSD: The system's principal high-capacity storage medium. All files, folders are stored in this component. 

Optical drive: CD (compact disc), DVD (digital versatile disc), and BD (Bluray disc) drives are high-capacity, removable-media optical drives, with write/rewrite functionality included in most contemporary systems.

Keyboard: A human's primary device on a PC for communicating with and controlling a system.

Mouse: Although there are many different types of pointing devices on the market today, the mouse is the first and most common.

Video card: The GPU (graphics processing unit) is the part of the computer that controls what you see on the screen.

Monitor: The video card controls the monitor or display, which displays information. The monitor is the most important component for visualization data or work.

Sound card: This allows the computer to create complicated sounds.

Network: A wired and/or wireless network interface is included with most PCs.

Acer Aspire 5739G NoteBook Motherboard Schematic Circuit Diagram

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