IBM ThinkPad L410 Quanta GC7 Motherboard Schematic Circuit Diagram

 IBM ThinkPad L410 Quanta GC7 Motherboard Schematic Circuit Diagram

IBM ThinkPad L410 Quanta GC7 Motherboard

Who Controls PC Software?

The IBM PC software can never be copied because it is fully protected by copyright law. Phoenix and Compaq Software (now Phoenix Technologies) were the first to devise a legal solution to this difficulty, allowing them to functionally duplicate (but not exactly clone) software like the BIOS. The BIOS is defined because the core set of management software drives the hardware devices inside the device directly. These types of programs are usually called device drivers, so in summary, the BIOS is a collection of all the core device drivers which is used to operate and control the system hardware. The operating system (such as Windows or DOS) uses the drivers in the BIOS to control and communicate with the various hardware and operate in the system.

The method Compaq and Phoenix used to legally duplicate the IBM PC BIOS was an intelligent form of reverse engineering. They used two groups of software engineers. The first group investigated the IBM BIOS and created a thorough description of its functions. The second group was carefully selected to include only those who had never viewed or studied the IBM BIOS code previously. The second group studied the first group's description and set out to create a new BIOS from scratch that performed everything the first group had outlined. The result was a new BIOS written from scratch, and although the resulting code was not identical to IBM’s, it had the same functionality. 

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