IBM ThinkPad T60 Motherboard Schematic Circuit Diagram

 IBM ThinkPad T60 Motherboard Schematic Circuit Diagram

IBM ThinkPad T60 Motherboard

Who Controls PC Software?

In the PC business, the software can build copyright protection, whereas hardware can be protected only by patents, which are much more difficult, time-consuming, and expensive to maintain. And in the case of U.S. patents, they also expire 20 years after manufacture. According to the U.S. patent office, “any new and useful process, machine, manufacture, or structure of matter, or any new and useful improvement theory” can be patented. This definition made it difficult to patent most direction of the IBM PC because it was designed or built using previously existing parts that anybody could purchase off the shelf. Most of the important parts or components for the original PC are came from the Intel company, such as the 8088 processor, 8253/54 timer, 8259 interrupt controller, 8284 clock generator,  8237 DMA (direct memory access) controller, 8255 peripheral interfaces, and 8288 bus controller. These chips which are built by Intel made up the heart and soul of the original PC motherboard.  

Because the design or architecture of the original PC was not completely patented and virtually all the parts or components were easy to available, almost any manufacturing company could easily duplicate the hardware of the IBM PC. All manufacturing company was purchased the same chips from the same manufacturers and suppliers IBM used and designed a new motherboard with a similar circuit or schematic diagram. IBM made it even easier by publishing complete schematic circuit diagrams of its motherboards and adapter cards in detailed and easily available technical reference manuals. These manuals even included fully detailed source code listings for the ROM BIOS code. I have seen some of the early IBM manuals and still refer to them for specific component-level PC design or architecture information or fix motherboard errors. In fact, I highly recommend these original manuals to anybody who wants to develop deeply into PC hardware design or architecture and fix troubleshooting errors. Although they are long out of print or prepare the manuals, they do turn up in the used book market and online auction sites such as eBay, and many of them are available in downloadable PDF format online.

IBM ThinkPad T60 Motherboard Schematic Circuit Diagram

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