Lenovo G430 UMA QUANT LE6 LE6D LE7 Schematic Circuit Diagram

 Lenovo G430 UMA QUANT LE6 LE6D LE7 Schematic Circuit Diagram

Lenovo G430 UMA QUANT LE6 LE6D LE7 Schematic Circuit Diagram

The Three Main Components of a Fundamental Triode Vacuum Tube

Unfortunately, the tube was inefficient as a switch. It consumed a great way of electrical power and gave off a large amount of heat a significant problem in the prior systems. Primarily because of the heat they generated, tubes were in an infamous way unreliable in larger systems, one failed every couple of hours or so. 

The invention of the transistor was one of the most important developments for the personal computer revolution. The transistor was invented in 1947 by the Bell Laboratory engineers John Bardeen and Walter Brattain and was announced in 1948. Bell deputy William Shockley invented the junction transistor a few months later, and all three jointly shared the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1956 for inventing the transistor. The transistor, which basically functions as a solid-state electronic switch, replaced the less suitable vacuum tube. Because the transistor was so much smaller and consumed outstandingly less power, a computer system built with the transistors was also much smaller, faster, and more workable than a computer system built with vacuum tubes.

The transformation from tubes to transistors began the trend toward miniaturization that continues to this day. Today’s a small laptop PC or computer and even tablet PC systems have more computing power than many previously systems that filled rooms and consumed huge amounts of electrical power

Although there have been many designs are made for transistors over the years, the transistors used in modern electric computers are made by normally metal oxide semiconductor field-effect transistors or on the other hand, called MOSFETs. MOSFETs are made from layers of materials deposited on a silicon layer. Some of the layers are contained silicon with certain impurities added by a procedure called doping or ion bombing, whereas other layers include silicon dioxide, which acts as an insulator, polysilicon which acts as an electrode, and metal to act as the wires to connect the transistor to other components. The composition and arrangement of the different types of doped silicon allow them to act both as a conductor and an insulator, which is why silicon is called a semiconductor.

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