Wistron 2012 S-Series Richie 13.3 R-1 Schematic Circuit Diagram

Wistron 2012 S-Series Richie 13.3 R-1 Schematic Circuit Diagram

Wistron 2012 s-series Richie 13.3 R-1 Schematic Circuit Diagram

PC Processor 16-Bit to 64-Bit Architecture Evolution

Another significant development is Intel and AMD's introduction of multicore CPUs. Current Intel and AMD multicore desktop processors contain up to eight complete CPU cores functioning off of a single CPU package, allowing a single processor to do the work of numerous CPUs. Although multicore processors do not make games that use single execution threads run quicker, they do break up the workload generated by running numerous apps at the same time, similar to multiple single-core processors. You've probably seen how running several apps can bring even the fastest CPU to its knees if you've ever tried to scan for malware while browsing email or running another application. Multitasking is greatly helped by multicore CPUs from Intel and AMD, which allow you to get more work done in less time. Multithreaded apps are a growing category of programs that have been designed for multicore computers. Multicore CPUs also enable 64-bit extensions, allowing you to benefit from the advantages of both multicore and 64-bit computing.

Computers have come a long way. The first PC's 8088 CPU had 29,000 transistors and operated at 4.77MHz with no onboard cache. In comparison, consider today's chips: The AMD FX-9590 is an eight-core processor with an estimated 1.2 billion transistors that work at up to 4.7GHz (5.0GHz in Turbo Core mode) with an 8MB cache. High-end Intel Core i7 processors feature approximately 2.27 billion transistors and can run at up to 4GHz with a 15MB cache. Expect transistor counts and real-world performance to rise well beyond a billion transistors as multicore processors with huge integrated caches continue to be incorporated in designs. Moore's Law predicts that processing speed and transistor counts will double every 1.5–2 years, hence growth will continue.

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