Foxconn G31MV-K LGA775 1333FSB DDR2 Schematic Circuit Diagram

Foxconn G31MV-K LGA775 1333FSB DDR2 Schematic Circuit Diagram

Foxconn G31MV-K LGA775 1333FSB DDR2 Motherboard

Hardware-Assisted Virtualization Support

A VMM software is run by the host operating system in host/guest virtualization. The VMM is used to load operating systems as guests and manage them. The links between hardware and the virtual machine must travel through two levels in this sort of virtualization: the host operating system's device drivers and the VMM's virtualized drivers. Because of the multidimensional structure of host/guest virtualization, it is a somewhat lengthy process. Microsoft Virtual PC and Windows Virtual PC are instances of this sort of virtualization, which is also known as Type 2 virtualization.

Host/guest virtualization is used by most virtualization solutions for Windows-based PCs, such as Microsoft Virtual PC 2004 and 2007. Both Intel and AMD have incorporated hardware-assisted virtualization capabilities into their CPUs in order to make virtualization run quicker and more useful. The first edition of Windows Virtual PC for Windows 7 required CPUs that supported hardware-assisted virtualization and had this capability enabled in the BIOS. Although processors are not required for hardware-assisted virtualization in the present edition of Windows Virtual PC, this functionality is very desirable for any machine that will be used for virtualization.

Windows Virtual PC is not supported by Windows 8.1/10 Pro. Instead, Hyper-V Client is included in these Windows versions. Use the Add/Remove Features from Windows dialog box in the Control Panel to enable it. 


AMD's hardware-assisted virtualization technology is referred to known as AMD-V, however, BIOS Setup programs may refer to it as VMM or virtualization. AMD-V is nearly universally supported throughout its CPUs, starting with Socket AM2 models and their mobile equivalents and on to current processors for AM3+, FM2+, and AM1 sockets.

Foxconn G31MV-K LGA775 1333FSB DDR2 Schematic Circuit Diagram

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