Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo M7440 FIC AT11 Schematic Circuit Diagram

Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo M7440 FIC AT11 Schematic Circuit Diagram

Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo M7440 FIC AT11 Schematic Circuit Diagram

MMX Technology

MMX technology was introduced in the later fifth-generation Pentium processors as a form of add-on that increases video compression/decompression, picture manipulation, encryption, and I/O processing—all of which are utilized in a variety of today's applications.

MMX is made up of two major processor architecture or schematic diagram enhancements. The first is the most fundamental: The internal L1 cache of all MMX chips is bigger than that of non-MMX devices. This improves the performance of any program operating on the chip, regardless of whether it makes use of the MMX instructions.

MMX also adds 57 new commands or instructions to the processor's instruction set, as well as a new instruction capability termed single instruction, multiple data (SIMD).

Repetitive loops are common in modern multimedia and communication applications, and while they only account for 10% or less of the entire program code, they can account for up to 90% of the execution time. SIMD allows a single command to execute the same function on multiple bits of data, similar to when a teacher tells a whole class to "sit down" rather than speaking to each student individually. Simultaneous Instruction Multiple Data (SIMD) allows the chip to eliminate processor-intensive loops used in the video, music, graphics, and animation.

Intel also introduced 57 new instructions aimed at speeding up the manipulation and processing of video, audio, and graphics data. These instructions are designed to work with the highly parallel, often repeating sequences that are common in multimedia activities. When changing a visual picture, for example, the same processing is done on multiple data points in a highly parallel manner. The primary disadvantages of MMX were that it only dealt with integer values and processed them using the floating-point unit, which meant that time was lost when switching to floating-point operations was required. These flaws were addressed in Intel and AMD's improvements to MMX.

Competitors like AMD and Cyrix (later bought by VIA) were able to upgrade their own Intel-compatible CPUs with MMX technology once Intel licensed the technology to them.

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