Gigabyte GA-8GEM800 Schematic Circuit Diagram

Gigabyte GA-8GEM800 Schematic Circuit Diagram

Gigabyte GA-8GEM800 Motherboard

Gigabyte GA-8GEM800 Overview

The GA-8GEM800 motherboard is ideal for business and valuation users. The latest Intel® 845GE chipset improves system performance for present and future intensive applications by supporting Intel® Pentium®4 Processors with HT Technology and the latest and fastest DDR memory. Gaming and media enthusiasts will appreciate the GA-8GEM800's USB 2.0, 10/100Mb Ethernet connection, 6 channel audio, unique EZ-FixTM AGP 4X, and memory DIMM slot with Anti-BurnTM design, and many more features. A revolutionary graphics core that produces intense, realistic 3D visuals with sharp images, quick rendering, fluid motion, and astonishing details. All of your digital images, videos, and games will have a great visual experience.

For budget-conscious consumers who require simple network connectivity, this product delivers high-quality 10/100 Ethernet performance. Ensure a stable, high-speed solution for the new broadband era. A user-friendly design that delivers more durable IDE and Floppy connectors, decreasing the possibility of connector housing cracking while unplugging connectors. Users can enjoy seamless high-quality 6-channel audio when watching movies or gaming thanks to the integrated Realtek ALC662 audio CODEC chip. Provides a performance increase for the Intel® NetBurstTM microarchitecture in multi-threading and multi-tasking processes. When an AGP 2x (3.3V) card is installed, a warning signal light illuminates.

If an AGP 2x (3.3V) card is inserted or a memory module is not correctly placed, the motherboard is protected. This platform is suitable for the latest Pentium® 4 CPU (Prescott), which is constructed on the innovative 90 nm technology for improved performance, stability, and productivity. The USB 2.0 interface is 40 times faster than USB1.1, with data transmission rates up to 480Mbps, providing a quicker interface for computer peripherals.

Gigabyte GA-8GEM800 Review

The GA-8GEM800 specifications are available in these variants with a retail price tag. An Intel Pentium 4 Socket 478 Ultra ATA66/100 PCI/AGP n/a is included in the GigabyteTechnology configuration. With a set quantity of 0 MB (removable) installed PC2100/2700 DDR SDRAM DIMMs, this GigabyteTechnology Motherboard can accept up to 2.0 GB of RAM. This full-featured mainstream Motherboard adds chipsets and new degrees of customization to previous generation GigabyteTechnology models. Improve the performance of your GigabyteTechnology GA-8GEM800 Motherboard and make it simple to set up a home network and share all of your favorite stuff.

The Motherboard specifications include detailed setup information. The GA-8GEM800 is a mainstream Motherboard built for users that demand maximum performance. Despite its small size, the GA-8GEM800 delivers excellent performance, providing the optimum balance of power and efficiency. With its simple-to-use and thin appearance, the GA-8GEM800 is guaranteed to make an impression. The modular bay's innovative latch, which is located on the side of the unit, is designed for easy insertion and removal of the different module alternatives.

Only Intel Pentium 4 processors are supported with the GA-8GEM800 Motherboard. For data transport to and from the CPU, the GA-8GEM800 has two onboard data caches. The L1 and L2 caches are the names for these caches. The L1 cache of the GA-8GEM800 is 64 kilobytes, whereas the L2 cache is either one or two megabytes.

Check the specifications of the Motherboard once you've decided which one best meets your needs. Because the GA-8GEM800 is supported by GigabyteTechnology, make sure to check if the Motherboard comes with full manufacturer support and warranties. With GA-8GEM800 specs, you'll have a lot of options from the Motherboard manufacturer to choose from, such as the Motherboard processor, Motherboard RAM, graphics capacity, Motherboard display options and specs, and other features that the Motherboard offers. You should have a good idea of what specifications you want from your Motherboard and what specifications you don't want. Deciding on Motherboard specifications, like the GA-8GEM800 specifications, can be tough, but it's critical to getting the Motherboard you need at a price that it deserves and that you can afford.

Gigabyte GA-8GEM800 Specifications

  • Supports Intel Pentium 4 Prescott core processors with HT technology.
  • With the latest DDR memory support, you can boost your system's performance.
  • High-speed connectivity is provided via 6 USB 2.0 ports.
  • Integrated Intel® Extreme Graphics Engine of the latest generation.
  • Ethernet 10/100Mb Network Connection Integrated
  • High-quality 6-channel AC'97 audio is integrated.
  • Anti-BurnTM design on GIGABYTE's EZ-FixTM AGP slot and memory DIMM slot.
  • GIGABYTE's IDE and Floppy connectors have a unique crack-proof design for increased durability.
If you need a starting point for buying a Motherboard, see above is a sample GA-8GEM800 Motherboard specification. More often than not, these are the aspects of the specification to consider before purchasing a particular sort of Motherboard. We provide the basic criteria for most residential and small business customers to assist you to avoid the headaches of choosing a Motherboard.

Gigabyte GA-8GEM800 Schematic Circuit Diagram

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