Asus Z170-P BoardView | Asus Z170-P Schematic Circuit Diagram | Asus Z170-P Motherboard Review

Asus Z170-P BoardView, Asus Z170-P Schematic Circuit Diagram, Asus Z170-P Review

Asus Z170-P Motherboard

Asus Z170-P Motherboard Review

For performance customers looking for quality, performance, and functionality in their next PC setup, the Asus Z170-P motherboard is an excellent option. It features four DDR4 DIMMs and two PCIe x16 slots that support AMD Quad-GPU CrossFireX technology and is based on the Intel Z170 chipset. It comes with four DDR4 DIMMs and two PCIe x16 slots that support AMD Quad-GPU CrossFireX technology and supports the newest 6th generation Intel Core CPUs in LGA 1151 packaging. The industry-proven 5X Protection II keeps your components safe and secure even in the most extreme scenarios. A 32Gbps M.2 connector and a 5Gbps USB Type-C port are both onboard, allowing you to take advantage of the latest storage technology. The incredible gaming audio design delivers audiophile-quality sound from your PC, elevating your music, games, and movies to new heights.

The industry-leading 5X Protection II uses the highest-quality components, superb circuit design, and stringent requirements to ensure the quality and long-term longevity of your motherboard. Thanks to the world's leading motherboard brand's decades of technical experience, this ensures outstanding safety and stability for your build.

ASUS LANGuard is a hardware-level networking protection system that uses signal-coupling technology and premium anti-EMI surface-mounted capacitors to ensure a more reliable connection and higher throughput, as well as electrostatically-guarded and surge-protected components for improved static electricity tolerance and surge protection. In terms of circuit protection, this is a world-class power design. Your chipset, communication ports, and audio codecs are all protected by a distinctive circuit design with built-in voltage regulators against harm caused by unexpected high-level voltages from the unstable or poor power supply.

Preventing short-circuit damage. Overcurrent and short-circuit protection is provided by onboard resettable fuses. This protection extends beyond I/O ports to DRAM, safeguarding the system's and associated devices' long-term viability. Consistent power is ensured by precision control. Only ASUS offers the DIGI+ VRM, which dynamically supplies power to the processor based on real-time demands, reducing energy waste and improving system stability. For enhanced longevity, 3X corrosion resistance has been included. The lifespan of corrosion-resistant stainless steel rear I/O panels bonded with chromium oxide is three times (3X) that of standard panels.

Electrostatic discharge (ESD) can happen at any time, and its negative consequences are frequently disregarded. ASUS ESD Guards have been carefully tested to verify that they can survive air discharges of up to +/-10kV and contact discharges of up to +/-6kV. An active protection circuit protects your system from electrostatic interference and damage, allowing components to last longer.

Asus Z170-P BoardView, Asus Z170-P Schematic Circuit Diagram, Asus Z170-P Motherboard Review
Asus Z170-P BoardView

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