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Apple Inc., commonly known as Apple, is a multinational technology company that has had a profound impact on the world of personal computing, consumer electronics, and digital services. Founded on April 1, 1976, by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne, Apple has become one of the most recognizable and valuable companies in the world.

The early days of Apple were marked by the introduction of the Apple I, a computer designed and built by Steve Wozniak. The success of the Apple I led to the creation of the Apple II, which was released in 1977. The Apple II became a major commercial success and played a significant role in popularizing personal computers.

In 1984, Apple revolutionized the computer industry with the introduction of the Macintosh, the first commercially successful personal computer to feature a graphical user interface. The Macintosh's intuitive interface and mouse input set a new standard for computing, influencing the development of future operating systems.

Despite initial success, internal conflicts led to Steve Jobs leaving Apple in 1985. The company faced several challenges in the following years, including increased competition from Microsoft's Windows operating system. However, Apple experienced a resurgence in the late 1990s when Steve Jobs returned as CEO and introduced a series of groundbreaking products.

Under Jobs' leadership, Apple introduced the iMac in 1998, an all-in-one computer that combined sleek design with powerful performance. The iMac helped revitalize Apple's brand and set the stage for future successes. In 2001, Apple introduced the iPod, a portable digital music player that transformed the way people listen to music. The iPod's success laid the foundation for the iTunes Store, which revolutionized the music industry by offering legal digital downloads.

In 2007, Apple introduced the iPhone, a revolutionary smartphone that combined a mobile phone, an iPod, and an internet communication device into a single device. The iPhone's innovative design and user-friendly interface revolutionized the smartphone industry, leading to the widespread adoption of touchscreens and mobile apps.

Building on the success of the iPhone, Apple introduced other game-changing products such as the iPad, a tablet computer, and the Apple Watch, a smartwatch. These devices further cemented Apple's reputation as a leader in consumer electronics.

In addition to hardware, Apple has made significant contributions to software and services. The launch of the App Store in 2008 provided a platform for third-party developers to create and distribute applications for Apple's devices, leading to the development of a vibrant app ecosystem.

Apple's software offerings also include macOS, its desktop operating system, and iOS, the operating system for its mobile devices. The company has expanded into services such as Apple Music, Apple TV+, Apple Arcade, and Apple Pay, providing a comprehensive ecosystem of products and services to its customers.

Today, Apple continues to innovate and release new products, maintaining its commitment to design, quality, and user experience. With a strong brand identity and a dedicated customer base, Apple remains at the forefront of technology and is recognized as one of the most influential and valuable companies in the world.

Description Download
01. Apple MacBook Pro A1706 820-00239 (BOARDVIEW)
02. Apple MacBook Pro A1297 820-2390 Download
03. Apple MacBook Air A1304 2009 Logic Board 820-2375-A (BoardView)
04. Apple MacBook Air Pro 820-3115 Intel (BoardView) Download
05. Apple MacBook Air A1466 820-00165 Schematic & (Boardview)
06. Apple Macbook Pro 13 A1278 2.26GHz Logic Board 820-2530-A 661-5230 2009 (BoardView) Download
07. MacBook Pro 15 Retina Display Mid 2012 820-3332, 820-3332-A, 820-3332-B (BOARDVIEW) Download
08. MacBook Air 11 Early 2014 820-3435, 820-3435-A, 820-3435-B (BOARDVIEW) Download
09. Apple Macbook Air 11'' Late 2010 820-2796, 820-2796-A, 820-2796-B (BOARDVIEW) Download
10. MACBOOK AIR PRO 15'' EARLY 2014 820-2523, 820-2523-A, 820-2523-B (BROADVIEW) Download
11. Apple Macbook Air A1370 (MLB K99) Download
12. Macbook_Air_A1370_K78 Download
13. Apple Macbook Pro 17 Download
14. Apple iMac G4 15 700MHz Logic Board 820-1257 820-1381 Download
15. Apple Macbook Pro A1297 K92 Download
16. apple-macbook-pro-a1386-mbp-15mlb Download
17. Apple Macbook Pro 15 A1707 X363G MLB Download
18. Apple MacBook M39 Download
19. Apple Macbook Air A1370 MLB K99 Download
20. Apple Macbook Pro FA255 M42C Download
21. Apple Macbook Pro A1286 K18 Download
22. Apple Macbook Air A1304 MLB M9 Download
23. Apple Macbook Pro 13 A1278 K24 Download
24. Apple Macbook Unibody A1342 K87 Download
25. Apple Macbook Air A1466 J13 Download
26. Apple Macbook A1181 K36C MLB Download
27. Apple MacBook Pro A1226 Download
28. Apple Macbook Unibody A1278 M97 Download
29. Apple Macbook A1181 K36 Download
30. Apple Macbook M88 MBP17 Download
31. Apple MacBook Pro A1425 13.3 Download
32. Apple_Macbook_Pro_A1260_M87 Download
33. Apple Macbook M38A Download
34. Apple Macbook K78 MLB 051-8871-R250 Download
35. Apple Macbook M42 Download
36. Apple Macbook Pro A1534 82000045A-J92 Download
37. Apple Macbook Pro A1502 820-3476 Schematic (BoardView) Download
38. Apple MacBook Pro Retina 15 A1398 Download
39. APPLE MACBOOK PRO TOUCH BAR X362 MLB 820 Schematic Download
40. Apple Macbook Air 13 Retina 820-01521-02 2018 Download
41. Apple Macbook Pro15 4E2809D A1211 MLB M59 Download
42. Apple Macbook Air A1465 820-3435B J41 MLB DVT REV 051-975 Download
43. Apple Macbook Pro 820-2565A Download
44. Apple Macbook Air Pro Retina 13 Mid 2012 820 3115B Download
45. Apple Macbook Air Pro 13 Late 2013 820 -3536A Download
46. Apple Air Pro Retina 13 Late 2012 820 3462A Download
47. Apple Air 13 Mid 2011 820-3023A Download
48. Apple Imac M51 Santana EVT MLB 051-7039 Download
49. Apple Macbook Air 13 Late 2010 820-2838A Download
50. Apple Macbook Air 13" Late 2008 820-2375A Download
51. Apple Macbok Air 13" Early 2014 820-3437A Download
52. Apple Macbook Air 11 2012 820-3208A Download
53. Apple Macbook Air 11" 2011 820-3024A Download
54. Apple Vice MLB 820-2740A Download
55. Apple Macbook Unibody A1286 MBP15 MLB 051-7546 Download
56. Apple Macbook Air 11 A1465 J110 820-00164 Download
57. Apple M9 Symphony EVT 11906 051-7066 Download
58. Apple M1 M9 FHB MCO HBAR Proto 051-6978 Download
59. Apple K20A Proton-2 MLB 051-7867 820-2510 Download
60. Apple J45 DVT MLB Download
61. Apple Imac M51 Santana DVT MLB 051-7039 Download
62. Apple Imac M51 PI5 Santana MLB 051-7039 Download
63. Apple Imac M38A DVT MLB 051-7148 Download
64. Apple Imac G5 M33 MLB Fino Proto2 051-6863 Download
65. Apple iMac G5 M23 MLB Fino Proto2 051-6790 Download
66. Apple Imac G5 A1058 M39 MLB IMG5 051-6482 Download
67. Apple Imac G5 A1058 Isight M38 DVT MLB 051-6949 Schematic Download
68. Apple iMac A1418 LATE 2015 J117 MLB 820-00034 051-00081 Schematic (Boardview) Download
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